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2 reviews

Horrible experience

by Texas T on Dic 16, 2021

First time using Vroom and it most Def. WILL BE MY LAST! By far the worst experience I've ever had buying a car. I gave a 2 star because I did like the no hassle price. However, the correspondence with the sales person was slow or nonexistent, he said the jeep would be delivered between 7-10 days. The truth is it will take approx. a month. I have mentioned with email and verbally that the jeep I purchased, which is in transient is still on cars.com listed for sale. I think that is illegal under bate and fish. I'm desperate for the Jeep or I'd withdrawal my order. Horrible experience. Spend a little more and have a much better situation and not have to wait a month to get your car.

Customer service 2.0 Buying process 2.0 Quality of repair 2.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario Lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

Very disappointed

by Jason on Dic 18, 2020

Started very excited because the trade-in value of our old car and cost of the car we wanted were the same so it was basically a wash except for what we still owed on the old car. A week after I processed both transactions I had to call Vroom to find out what was going on since I had heard literally nothing. Long story short, after multiple paperwork failures on Vroom's part and significant lack of follow-up, I told them to cancel everything after almost of month of them screwing up practically everything they could to make the sale go south. I got the impression that none of the various departments talked to each other at all, not to mention lack of follow-through on the salesperson's part to make the deal go through. Avoid them.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.
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