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Worst buying experience ever

by Alexander on Jul 26, 2022

I had an appointment to test the car. First, I needed to wait 20 minutes for a salesman to come even though I had an appointment. I was told they didn't know where the keys of the car were. How you are running a business like this? !!! After extra 40 minutes waiting (already 1 hour) they keys appeared, they said the car was being washed, but they washed the car in the facilities, so how they couldn't know where the keys of the car car were? !!! Anyway, I made a separate appointment to buy the car and again the same "excuse", namely they didn't know where the keys were. For a second time also with appointment. After waiting for 90 minutes, they couldn't find the keys. So, I lost more than 3 hours (time going there and getting home) for nothing. If you want to have the worst buying experience event, go to Shift

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.


by Angry customer on Jul 25, 2022

This is beyond the worst dealership you can shop at for a car. Their management are complete idiots. The way they manage deliveries and purchases are the most exhausting and unorganized experience i've ever had to endure. I spent two weeks waiting for a car to be delivered just to be canceled on my delivery day due to a faulty A/C unit that should have been caught during the pre-delivery inspection. On top of that, they're not offering any sort of ETA on the car's repair nor a compensation or credit for the time i wasted organizing my life around the delivery. Do not shop here, the prices are jacked up, the cars are banged up, the management is horrible and you'll get the run arounds until you give up, they're worse than a dealership with 20 salesmen running to you, because at least then, youll get an answer. They don't even have a direct line, i talked to so many different "managers" and "sales reps" and "advisors" to be told different information that led me to be misinformed and scammed of "nonrefundable" deposits. Do NOT waste your time at the Oakland Shift. The Sacramento one might be better, but I'd just avoid all Shift in general.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

Returned a car I bought at the Sacramento store because

by Glenn on Jul 20, 2022

Returned a car I bought at the Sacramento store because my mechanic said it was a rust bucket. Not sure how it passed their rigorous 150 point inspection. Maybe they need 151 points. To their credit, the return was easy and hassle free. Not in their favor was an inability to find 2 of the 3 cars I had reserved online for a test drive. They had the keys for one but couldn’t find the car. For the other, they found the car but couldn’t find the keys. The one I test drove, broke down after stopping to give the car a good look over. It took over an hour to bring me another car to get back to the dealership. Determined to find a car despite their ineptitude, I selected another for a test drive and surprise surprise, they couldn’t find it. The guy couldn’t have been nicer but overall. a colossal waste of 2 days at their dealerships and one day searching their poorly constructed website. I’d say it’s probably worth passing up their good pricing and going to Carmax, where at least they know where their cars are and are able to find the keys. Great concept, sucky execution.

Customer service 2.0 Overall experience 3.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario

First time the car I wanted to buy was already sold to

by sallyn4884 on Jun 30, 2022

First time the car I wanted to buy was already sold to someone else on line, and I was driving around test driving it. Waste my whole day there, then they didn’t even offered to give me a ride home if I decided to move forward with my trade in. Since then I’ve contacted them at least 4-5 times with my interest for some other listings and I have not heard back. I don’t think they know what they’re doing, and lets not forget $1250 Shift service fees, what service???

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario

Do NOT use this company!

by Jess M on Jun 21, 2022

I rarely take the time to write reviews, but I would like to warn future vehicle sellers to NOT use this company by any means. My husband and I recently had a horrible experience with them - the initial process started off smoothly and we were offered a reasonable quote, someone from Shift came on time for our pick-up appointment and inspected the car, letting us know our payment should be in our account in several business days. The next day, we got an email from them saying that they would offer a mere fraction of their initial offer ($8000 less than the original) because they had found a minor mechanical issue, which has given us zero trouble to date. The price they offered was worse than if we had just tried to sell them a totaled car and they were selling it for parts. We told them there was no way we could accept that offer and they needed to drop it back off as soon as possible. We set a drop-off time for the following evening. The time came and went with no one dropping the car off. No one even bothered to call. There was also no way we could get in touch with anyone since it was a Sunday. At this point, we had no way of knowing where our car was, and no money to account for it either. My husband called them the next morning, and they offered no explanation as to why it was not dropped off at the scheduled time. He had to uber about an hour to pick up the car at the nearest facility in Oakland and drive it back (of note, the gas tank was empty when he picked it up). There is no way we are ever dealing with this company again, and we would like for future vehicle sellers to be aware that there are much better services out there. We were able to find a WAY better offer and way more pleasant customer service through Carmax.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

Buyer Beware

by Deeply Unhappy Buyer on Jun 16, 2022

I paid the deposit for the purchase of an expensive vehicle on June 4th. I immediately completed all of the papers and extra steps to move the vehicle to final inspection and then detailing. Three days later I got a call saying they lost both sets of keys and are going to have to order new keys before they can do anything. So I wait. No communication on the status of the new keys. I reach out after six days and find out it was going to be another three to five days for the keys to arrive. Today is five more days later (yes…and eleven days since I paid my deposit to purchase the vehicle) and no communication from anyone. So I send a note asking for an update and I get this message back. “ Hi, thank you for your patience. There is currently no update on the status of the keys as it is still in pending status. I will reach out to my team to have them provide an update if available. They will typically reach out to you as soon as repairs/quality checks are complete.” This whole thing is just crap. No one ever reaches out to me to keep me informed. I am always asking for updates and that is what I get. Once they get the new keys, the car then needs to still go through another inspection and then a detailing and then they said it could be another three weeks before delivery. They also said it could take up to 90 additional days to get my license plate and registration paperwork and that I wouldn’t be able to drive this car (until this stuff came) if my local DMV wasn't willing give me a temporary tag. Is this for real??? I buy a car from SHIFT and I might not be able to drive it for four months from the date of purchase. Buyers beware!!! Oh…did I mention the secret $1250 fee they tacked onto my invoice as a SHIFT fee. Do yourself a favor and do business elsewhere.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario Lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

JAN only cares about your money

by angry customer on Jun 03, 2022

shift should be called shaft because thats what they gave to me. The sales rep JAN left me hanging when i had questions. it was the lat day of the deposit, which they forgot to mention had a limit on it in the begining. i waited 3 days to be contacted by JAN he only called me one time, no emails or texts. when i tried to call back, no answer. Then it was the weekend and memorial day. so even though i couldnt get a hold of anyone then they still counted those 3 days as days against my deposit, On tuesday when i was finally able to talk to JAN for the first time, he said tomorrow is the last day for your deposit. Thats when i said i wanted to pay the entire $16,500 upfront for the car and JAN insisted that i finance it. He gave me a bunch of reasons financing is better even if i just pay it off in a couple months. i should have never trusted JAN. But I did and when i was doing the finance app there was a problem with the math, the total price vs the price breakdown did not add up. there was over $1600 difference. I still have screen shots of everything so I can prove it if i need to. I wanted to know what the extra $1600 was for before signing anything so i attempted to contact JAN and thats when he just ignored me. I called JAN, I text JAN, and I emailed JAN he never replied to any of my messages. Its now 2 days later and he still never replied to me. Horrible customer service. I would never treat anyone that way. Even if he called and said "Im sorry but your deposit expired" I would have some respect for him but JAN put his tail between his legs and took the cowards way out. He just ignored me and let the deposit expire on purpose. Then they gave someone else the car before the last day of my deposit was even over. Half way through the day all of a suddon the car is gone. I saw good reviews and I trused them but they gave me the shaft. Just let my deposit expire so they could keep the $250. They didnt want me to buy the car outright because then they dont make any intrest from financing. They proved to me they care more about money then their customers.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

Just plain bad service

by Mad consumer on May 13, 2022

Didn’t fully explain how the processed work. They brought my car for test drive and Was told they don’t call my Leander for financing because it’s to much work but charges 200$ extra for out side financing and I did all the work. Will not except electricity payment from my bank only will take a check or money order. So they take the car back and the next day I have to spend the whole day trying to get the car. I am pre approved through my bank and awaiting for check to be deliver and if I don’t have it by end of day they will place the car back up for sale and I’m xxx out. So I choose to go with there over priced Apr financing so they don’t sell the car out from under me and was awaiting delivery between 5-7 o’clock and they never showed. Trying to get a hold of someone to find out why an they have been told by how answered the line I was transferred to that they close @6 but they haven’t updated there web site. The call the same number again and was told its in the detail shop and there looking for the keys. I waited an hour and called again and can’t get a hold of anyone. They real just blow me off, It’s just bad Business. I should have one point of contact with there direct number I should have to call a generic number and get somebody different every time with a different answer. Do not recommend buying a car from Shift

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

Screaming lady, filthy car, dead battery... Shift.

by Dusty Driver on May 02, 2022

Me and my girlfriend went to test drive a car from Shift last week, and it was one of the most insane experiences I've had at any dealership. We entered an office in the most random industrial park area of oakland next to the bay bridge and bunch of warehouses. Inside, the space looked brand new as in, they hadn't finished furnishing it; a small front desk, 2 couches? and a couple standing tables. Closed offices flanked the left and right sides. A woman was standing in the center of the room shouting at two other women from corporate about how awful her experience has been buying a car from Shift, they told her they were there to take notes and assured her that someone would get to the bottom of this, but never seemed to figure out who. They told us to take a seat to wait for our test drive guy to bring the car around, so we buckled up for the show as the lady became more and more irate. Finally the manager came in and told her they ordered the wrong car part and she exploded. The employees were clearly not trained in customer service, I work in retail and almost stepped up to say something to her but decided not to. She turned to us and other customers who came in and shouted at them to never buy a car here... noted. When our test drive guy Roy finally came to save us (25 minutes of screaming later), he took us out the front door where the car was and said apologetically "the car is really, really dusty..." He was not kidding! This car looked absolutely filthy on the outside as if it had been abandoned in the desert for a month, I'm not joking when I say this is one of the dustiest cars I've ever seen in my life. The only clean part was the windshield where the wipers were - I think he was finding wiper fluid while we waited inside. The inside was fine as well which was all that mattered to me. I had no intentions of buying the car, just wanted to sit in it to see how I fit, but after getting in the car it only got worse. The car would not start, yes, they had to jump the car they were showing me! While they went to get the jump pack, one of the salespeople left the car in neutral with the handbrake off (its a manual) and it started rolling away. Luckily I grabbed the break before anything happened and they thanked me. I found the entire experience hilarious and honestly felt bad for the staff who had to work at such a poorly run and clearly mismanaged tech money company. The woman making a scene inside had genuine grievances but nobody there was to blame or could help her in any way. Roy was actually super nice and clearly embarrassed about the state of things at the dealership. When he asked me after the test drive if I planned on moving forward with a purchase today I did laugh though. I asked him if they wash the cars before they sell them... sorry Roy not today. Super lax place to go for a test drive, the guy at the desk took a peek at my license and basically handed me the keys. Wouldn't ever buy a car from Shift especially after that experience and I can't recommend anyone does but go book that test drive if you're shopping around.

Customer service 3.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario No lo hizo comprar un vehículo.

Kiting Registration Fees

by Steve on Abr 17, 2022

I am convinced that these guys are running a kind of kiting scheme. I purchased a very high end car from them at the end of January. It is now mid April and I have not received any registration materials. But they collected the registration fees when I bought the car. I believe that they are intentionally delaying sending in the paperwork to DMV so they can sit on the money. My temp plates expire in 2 weeks. I think that this is part of their money making scheme.

Customer service 2.0 Buying process 2.0 Quality of repair 2.0 Overall experience 2.0 No lo hace Recomendar este Concesionario Lo hizo comprar un vehículo.
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