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Horrible, Horrible, Horrible.

by laughbaum on Dic 08, 2019

Worst car buying, no, worst purchasing experience of my life. Drove to Austin to look at a car my wife was interested in (their delivery service was going to take weeks) had all my paperwork pre-submitted with CarMax for an expedited transaction (bank funding was approved to 110% of list price + TTL), got there and none of the paperwork had been completed/transmitted by CarMax. The car was supposed to be ready to sign and drive away, it wasn't. When we looked the car over, it had undisclosed damage to the front of the vehicle (even though CarFAX said the car was accident free). The dealership in Austin said that we could bring the car to the North Freeway CarMax (near where we live) and they would repair the damage. We took the car to N. Freeway location the next morning where the Server Tech told me that his Manager would have to approve the already approved repair. The Tech called me later and said that the damage was within CarMax's standards and they would not repair the damage. Byron (N. Freeway Sales Manager) asked me to leave the car with them another day and he would speak with the Service manager. Subsequently, after leaving it another night, that they wouldn't honor their commitment. I asked to speak with the Service Manager on three different occasions, but he never spoke with me one time, leaving his Tech to speak for him. My advice to people considering buying a car from CarMax is only buy it if it meets your expectations exactly (price & condition). Walk away if it has any damage, even if they say they will fix it. CarMax lacks the integrity to do anything they say they will do, even if its in writing. The "service" department will use any means necessary not to take care of issues. One last note, the CarFAX report provided by CarMax is a joke. When I took the car my body shop (to fix the damage they wouldn't), they immediately showed me that the car had in fact been wrecked and the front fender was filled with Bondo. Again run away from this company, they completely lack honor and ethics.

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