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Will cost more than the highest priced dealer

by Justin on Jan 10, 2022

I took possession of a car from Vroom in late September. Here we are in January with no plates still. I was charged tax even though my trade should have offset that. What’s even worse is that a car with shredded brakes, bad tires, bent wheels, and a broken clutch component showed up. I called my “specialist” right away with no call back. Of course none of this is covered on their 90 day warranty. I’ve ended up spending much more than if I would have gone to a dealer in the area and purchased a car off the lot. I’ll tell everyone I know to steer clear. I’ll be putting in complaints with the Texas AG (where they operate) and the AZ AG (where I live)

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Don't ever by a car from Vroom!

by Susan on Oct 12, 2021

I would NEVER buy from this bunch again! They lied over and over again about our delivery date, three dates came and went, and no vehicle. Everyone got amnesia at the same time, they botched up my account where the average car specialist couldn't access my account, I don't even know if our vehicle exists. We paid them and after that, no one knows a thing. I had to inform the FBI and the New York State Atty. General and the State Atty. General of Texas where their hub is located for our vehicle. Don't ever use these liars and thieves, now I will probably have to go to court.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.


by sjs on Oct 01, 2021

purchased a truck in march 2021, paid cash. 48K, truck arrived with dirty oil, front end seal leak, needed brakes / rotors and tires. i have gone thru 4 temp tags, as of today, 7 months later still not given the correct paperwork to register it. tags have been expired for a month now. they ignore you , they ignored the bbb, they ignored my attorney, they have ignored attorney general. 2 weeks ago someone finally responded to me and gave me a rental, still saying the papers i need to register is 4-6 weeks out. AVOID. i am out of money for attorney consultation fees, insurance on a truck i cant drive and hours and hours of time on unanswered emails and phone calls

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Still waiting...

by Carmen on Aug 17, 2021

Someone told me about Vroom and I was looking for a specific car so I thought I would try it. I found a car I liked. I would not say it was any cheaper than a dealer but It had everything I wanted at it was a priced just a little above KB so I started the purchase process. At first it seemed to go good. However, two weeks into I am still sitting here waiting for information on when my car will be delivered. I am not sure anyone knows that they are doing there and the communication is severely lacking. I completed all the paperwork online received an e-mail that all documents were completed. Soon after I received an e-mail that they received full payment. I then received an e-mail that I was missing a document which they supposedly fed-ex to me (title and registration). When I called no one could find any information on a document that was sent by fed-ex. I was transferred three times and wasted an hour of my life on the phone. They finally said someone would call me back within 24 hours from customer service. No one ever called me back. I received an e-mail stating they finally had an estimated delivery date to their hub near me. They use third party transporters to transport the car. The car is suppose to be delivered to their hub tomorrow yet I still have not received an e-mail to update me if the car will actually be at their hub tomorrow. From that point it apparently will take another two days or so to deliver it to me. Still no communication on when or if that will happen. They received the full amount (over $30K) so I guess i am not a concern anymore. I noticed in the paperwork they had me sign, it was for a Texas registration which I think is where they are headquartered because the car is not located in Texas by the previous owner and I do not live in TX. So now I am wondering when and if they will obtain the proper registration and license which I paid for from AZ. Ohh and when they advertise the price the only additional items they mention that would be added are the $699 transportation fee and the title and registration yet on the final invoice there are other charges including a $300 plus fee for "document fee." So here I sit wondering if and when I will ever receive the car after paying for it and obtaining insurance. Not to mention still waiting for the customer service call back that was suppose to happen within 24 hours. Funny.. had I gone to a dealer I would have completed everything within a couple of hours and walked out with the car the same day with the proper registration and title. So much easier at an actual dealer or direct from a individual. So go ahead and purchase from Vroom and wait like I am. Don't expect communication once they receive their money.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 2.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Couple hiccups but overall pleasant experience

by T9 on Nov 16, 2019

The beginning for the process was fast with very friendly staff. Once the process began, there were some delays between my lender and vroom. (Vroom in house lending may be much more streamlined). I chose to use my own lender due to great rates. The staff overall were always easy to speak with and did the best they could communicating with my lender. The car once shipped arrived two days earlier than expected!problem with the shipping resulted in DEF all over the roof and hood of my new car due to a leak on the truck parked above. (Not vrooms fault). After rinsing the DEF. the paint looked good and the care was accepted. After taking it home and washing it, The car was found to be in great condition! The photos and description were Accurate I would likely purchase from a room again.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 4.0 Overall experience 4.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Does not return questions via email

by Kyla on Oct 28, 2019

I've tried emailing the email address they provide multiple times regarding a vehicle for sale and they only reply with their automated response. Never answering the specific question. First impression of their customer service is not good.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

Great Way to Buy a Car

by SN on Sep 12, 2019

I just received my car from Vroom. I was a little skeptical of buying a car sight unseen from the internet, but Vroom delivered everything I was looking for. They make the buying process very easy. It only took me a few minutes to purchase after I decided on the car. Lots of communication along the way. Very attentive to my needs through the process. I heartily recommend the company. You also have a 7 day trial though it will cost you about $1000 to return the car if you don't like it.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

just looked

by jenn on Feb 23, 2019

i didnt buy a car here i wanted to look at it in person and drive it too so i dont have a negative or positive thing to say

Customer service 4.0 Overall experience 4.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

Good Overall

by NA on Sep 11, 2018

Vroom was a good experience overall. Didn't make 5 stars because there was a dispute between their third party delivery driver and a Vroom rep. Vroom does not allow the buyer to contact the driver directly, you must go thru Vroom. Vroom acts as the "middle man" and I finally had to set up pick up with driver myself. I would still recommend Vroom if you are looking for a vehicle, they need to tweak the delivery part a bit and give the buyer more flexibility.

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 4.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

No Response from Company

by Erica L on Jun 12, 2018

Submitted a loan application with No Response to Approval or Denial after receiving an Email that the vehicle we were interested in was available for purchase

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.
Dealer Responses

Hi Erica - we're sorry to hear about this. It sounds like something got missed here. If you are still interested in a vehicle with us, we can have a sales person reach out to you directly if you message us your name and phone # either here on cars.com or by emailing feedback@vroom.com. Again, we're sorry to hear about your experience and hope we can help to make it right. The Vroom team

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