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Poor Service, Go Somewhere else.

by DC on Feb 14, 2022

Waste of time, incompetent, arrogant service department. Made appointment 6 weeks ago, no confirmation, awkward website could not show our appointment, finally confirmed morning of appointment. 2 hour roundtrip drive in heavy traffic for an air bag recall, only to learn that "the part has not arrived", is back ordered. 6 weeks, various methods of communication in this day and age and Volvo Cars of Seattle cannot advise a customer of a part delay until they arrive? They could have alerted us not only in in their morning email response, but also by text, by phone, did not. Arrogant staff "you can get your oil changed now and return later for the air bag recall." And spend another 2 to 3 hours on the road? No remorse, no apologies. Not happy with the arrogant service reps attitude, like I am doing them a favor by being there? We've driven Volvo for the past 42 years, bought our first Volvo at this location in 1980, no new Volvos in our future, Symptoms of a dying company, poor, outdated service, empty service department; in past on a Monday morning the service department would be busy, no one else was there, understandably.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Poorly Trained with Sleazy Sales Techniques

by Long Time Volvo Customer on May 15, 2021

We used Volvo Cars Seattle to take delivery of our brand-new pre-ordered XC40 EV. In the past they’ve been a great team and we intentionally selected them from our choice of dealers to complete the delivery. However, there were a number of major issues which made us feel as though they just had us over a barrel. When attempting to address these the response was basically "go ahead and back out, we'll happily sell the car to someone else". Of note: - The dealer added a mandatory "paintless ding and dent" program fee to our bill and then when we asked to remove it just said "well, I'd just increase the price by that amount anyway" - Communication with the sales person (Shawn) via email was extremely poor, they'd lose emails or misunderstand questions. For instance I asked for pricing on accessories and the next thing I knew there was an invoice waiting in the parts department. - We were offered an extremely poor trade in for our old Volvo. We understand this to be at the pleasure of the dealer but we've never had a Volvo dealer offer us the low end of the KBB value and then knock it down further. They even had the odometer incorrect on the first pass of the paperwork and then required us to pay some extra fee to the WA DOL that we've never had to do for a trade before. I will give them credit that they were at least transparent as to why the value was knocked down even if I disagree with the valuation. - The onboarding process was terrible. The sales person basically walked one driver through the infotainment system and the steering wheel and the cargo area and then disappeared for one of the other 10 XC40 deliveries he was doing that day. In addition to missing the other driver (while they were inside dealing with the finance disaster below), he failed to explain some critical features for the EV: charging and the new adaptive cruise. He knew up front that this was our fifth Volvo and should have been able to just limit the orientation to the differences between our current model and this car. - The overall finance process was a disaster. One of the big items - they forgot the prepaid $1000 deposit and after we discovered that the next day are still trying to get it back to us two weeks later. Even though the loan was through the most popular local credit union (BECU) which they are electronically linked to (and preapproved before we even arrived), the initial paperwork had the wrong terms and interest rates. We selected this dealer because they've had our business for years. Unfortunately they were recently acquired along with the Bellevue dealership by some larger auto group and it would appear the staff quality have plummeted while the sleazy "add on" tactics have jumped. If there were other options in the area we would likely use them but I'm not so upset at them that I'm willing to drive 2 hours to the next dealer in Tacoma. The manager doing the final sales process didn't even recognize that a Volvo S60 was a sedan nor did he know the XC40 recharge we were buying was an EV. Volvo has used the C/S/V/XC designators for over 20 years and this is the new flagship EV - this shouldn't be hard!

Customer service 2.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Great customer service from Navid

by Ryan Latchman on Apr 02, 2021

I drive 60 miles to have my car serviced at Volvo of Seattle. Over the last several years I’ve had my XC60 serviced for regular maintenance multiple times, during my last visit I had an issue. They resolved the issue quickly with fantastic customer service and great communication from Navid. They gave me a brand new loaner to use while the problem was being fixed. This is the only dealership my family and I will take our Volvo’s to.

Customer service 5.0 Quality of repair 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

Great service and friendly salesmen

by NishaS on Dec 22, 2020

I purchased a new XC40 R design from volvo Seattle. They gave me a great deal, and treated me really well. They explained the features on the car in detail, and when I had trouble making the park assist on the car working, the salesman (Jacob) was super helpful in teaching it to me. They were also quick to respond via email and phone. The best part was that they delivered my vehicle to my house, and made the buy hassle free! Overall, I give them a thumbs up!

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 4.0 Quality of repair 4.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Excellent 2021 XC60 Shopping Experience

by SEAdriver on Dec 03, 2020

Pricing was very straightforward, and Seattle Volvo had the best quote among five regional dealerships. Shawn and Tom were very helpful in answering all of my questions.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Very frustrating experience at Volvo of Seattle!

by Maui Reviewer on Oct 01, 2020

A key issue on our purchase was the ability to add a trailer hitch to the XC60 so we could continue to use our Thule bike rack. We talked about the hitch constantly in person and by text before and after our purchase, and we were repeatedly assured this was possible and could be done. Only after the hitch installation was complete at a cost of over $2000, were we informed by the staff of the service department that the design of Volvo's hitch means it can only be used with a Volvo bike rack, that it is incompatible with our Thule rack, and that there is no adapter available to make it work for our needs. This was a really serious problem, so Volvo of Seattle took responsibility for this mess by removing this hitch, taking the car Rack'n Road to replace it with another hitch, and were supposed to refund the difference of the cost for the new hitch. Not only did Volvo of Seattle failed to notice that the second hitch was installed crooked and had to be reinstalled for a third time, but their sales manager dropped the ball and failed to request a refund check from their parent office in Portland for the difference owed to us. Extremely frustrating experience!

Customer service 3.0 Buying process 4.0 Quality of repair 2.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Great cars. Horrible sales process.

by Erik on Sep 15, 2020

Decided on a Volvo XC90. Went for a test drive, all good, and w/ Covid just my wife and I for as long as we wanted. Two thumbs up! Over the week, exchanged email with another sales rep just to see what a not-negotiating-hard offer would look like. $8K under MSRP. OK. Went back the next weekend to purchase... first offer, just $5K under. Heh. I sent the guy to try again. Came back, closer to the email offer (about $200K difference), still mediocre on trade-in. Named a price $3.5K less. Final, came back another $2.7K under, close enough. I kinda expect this kind of thing at a Chevy dealership (and I went through that); I was hoping for more from a premium dealership. When it came to purchase, sat around for nearly an hour while they did whatever to crank out the paperwork. No idea why and what took so long, as they weren't busy, and they didn't bother to check on me until like 5m before. Was almost going to walk out. Finance guy started, and went in with the Platinum ➝ Bronze add-on packages. All overpriced - the CHEAPEST one being about $10K (ooh! I can pay $1600 for windshield repair! Or I can pay my insurance deductible ($500) and put in on my comprehensive, which is what everyone actually does... smh). At a glance, told the guy I didn't want any of it, he said he had to go through it anyway, fine, he did, then said which one... was surprised when I just said none. Let's move on. Clearly this is where he makes his commission and he just got a goose egg, but again, this is a Volvo dealership, not a Chevy dealership. Signed the rest of the paperwork w/o problem. It was towards the end of the day, so my sales guy said he'd detail the car and deliver it to my house tomorrow and pick up the trade-in. Did that, and done! So reasonable on that front. If you want a Volvo, recommend you come in with a price you want to hit and hold to it. And don't be afraid to play the stupid games (I probably could have gotten another $1K if I had walked out after 30m of waiting and let them know if they really wanted the sale, to call me). They may look nicer than a Chevy dealership, and the car may be priced higher than a Chevy dealership, but they negotiate just like a Chevy dealership. And stay away from the support packages, you're better off with something external or pay-as-you-go.

Customer service 4.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 3.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.


by TRT on Sep 01, 2020

Went in looking for a slightly used wagon. It was a busy day, but we were still given full attention. The team went above and beyond To find the right vehicle for me. Dani, Tom, Pete and Austin eased my anxiety over this major purchase. This is my first Volvo, and if the vehicle performs as well as the staff - it won’t be my last.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Great customer service

by MS on Aug 19, 2020

Jacob was very communicative and acommodating, not to mention very pleasant to work with. The technicians fixed my car up perfectly. I am a repeat customer, and I will continue to trust the care of my car with this team.

Customer service 5.0 Quality of repair 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

2020 Silver S90 R-Design

by Silvers S90 on May 28, 2020

When we arrived at Volvo, and walked in the door, they knew us by name and told us that they would have the car ready in no time. While Tom checked the car and made sure everything was good to go, Zane had the paperwork ready and all we had to do was sign and initial. Pete and Tom were both great in answering our questions. The down payment came down! Everyone was great! I just love Volvo! Also, Tom is working hard on getting my Volvo On Call transferred over to the new car! I appreciate all the work these Volvo guys did! I'm a happy Volvo driver!

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.
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