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Great experience

by Thankyou101 on Feb 20, 2018

Honest and open about their cars. No pressure sales approach. Even let me take it to a local mechanic! i would Def recommend this place!!

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer.

Purchased good, clean truck for a fair price

by Cal on Jan 12, 2018

Searched many weeks for a good, clean used truck at a fair price. Got it at Park Avenue Autos. Looked at many "clean" trucks online, but in person those trucks didn't live up to the pictures. The folks at Park Avenue are straight shooters and good people and will tell you what you're getting. Would not hesitate for a moment to purchase another used vehicle from this neighborhood dealership.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall facilities 3.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Totally no pressure...refreshing experience!

by Joe P on Nov 23, 2017

If you looking for a totally non traditional, no pressure used auto lot look no further. Max was great. Answered all questions, super easy purchase. Max even stayed late on Friday night to let us close the deal that night ( our decision) and drive our new car home. Great place to find affordable vehicles, yes some are higher milrb vehicles, but they are all priced to sell! Thanks Max and Cars Com for hooking us up with this dealer!

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall facilities 3.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust

by Steve on Aug 08, 2017

Was assured multiple times that the vehicle had no rust on it, and that it was absolutely clean. After a 3 hour drive to this location in order to purchase the vehicle, the frame was rusted through. Not a decent experience at all, total waste of time.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 2.0 Overall facilities 2.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.
Dealer Responses

Thanks for the 1 star Steve! Truck has minimal rust on it, there is some, it's an 12 year old truck. It's not as bad as you're making it out to seem on the 1 STAR REVIEW you left. You should be shopping at Toyota dealership.

Quality service at Park ave Autos

by Paul Cappella on Jul 09, 2017

I stopped by park ave autos on route 130 on a whim and was blown away by the quality service and knowledge of Max. He was able to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for and answered all my questions, not to mention he is such a great guy. He told me what to look out for when buying a used car, and showed me some tricks of the trade. Park ave had a very laid back, no aggravation atmosphere. I left the lot happy and confident with my purchase and my Taurus has been running perfectly.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Quality of repair 5.0 Overall facilities 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

No effort

by Matt on Jun 05, 2017

Went to look at a Jeep I found online but was quickly disappointed. I understand it is a used car dealership but when I looked inside there were wires hanging out, pieces dangling and parts missing. All little things that could be replaced easily and make the vehicle much more attractive to buyers.

Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 2.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.
Dealer Responses

The Jeep was fresh inventory, we hadn't had a chance to clean it up yet. Some people like buying them dirty, as they can get a better price. I'm sorry you found this to be 1-star review worthy.

Looking for a Steal

by Rita S. on Apr 14, 2017

Very friendly. Ernie was great. He did not beat around the bush with you. Steve was good as well. I did not feel pressured or anything like that. Minor things were not mentioned to me, but otherwise it was ok. Only thing I wasn't so thrilled about was the fact that -no warranty at all - not even 30 days. That's weird to me. Hope I didn't get a lemon...

Customer service 4.0 Buying process 4.0 Quality of repair 3.0 Overall facilities 4.0 Overall experience 4.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

HORRIBLE customer service

by JanieS on Jan 16, 2017

They say they will be in till a certain time, then close early. They won't budge one minute on their time to even make a sale. Extremely rude. Fine. They lost a sale. We bought elsewhere. If they don't care about car sales and having dinner at a certain time is more priority, then that tells me right there that they don't care about their customers. Especially when they had promised to be there. (Another dealer, they stayed opened 2 hours later just so I could get there. And they got the sale!) These guys should take a class on customer service 1o1. I worked in the industry and I know the ins and outs of car sales. We stayed many odd hours to serve our customers and yes that is how we ran a 5 star business.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.
Dealer Responses

WOW! In the middle of a blizzard you wanted me to stay open 2 hours later than my hours. That dinner was my grandfather's last birthday dinner and I wasn't going to miss it to deal with fussy customers coming from 2 hours away. I was rude because you were rude.

wow....just, wow.

by dissappointed. on Mar 19, 2016

Saw a vehicle on that I found interesting so , I filled out the contact form...2 days later, I called them, as I hadn't heard anything, and was concerned it may have been sold. Nope. still there. owner stated that he was busy, and didn't have time to check email. okay...I can understand that. I asked him to be brutally honest about the condition of the car, as I live over an hour away. was told it was primo, just older, and higher miles. got a chance to swing by and look at it a couple days later. outside body was about 95%, so I was okay with that. silicone caulk around back window, however, was a concern. the interior was repulsive. needed about 8 hours worth of cleaning. vinyl door trim was falling off, but, i was assured by the owner that it would be fixed. ( i hoped better than the other one that was fixed., as that looked a lot like a first grader's art project)Ok... I've seen worse. I put a deposit on the vehicle, so my wife could come back and give it final approval. of course, I had to interrupt the other young man's texting to take my deposit, but, I digress. I informed them that I would fill out the online credit application, and intended to pick up the car Saturday. I filled out the credit app that night, the next day, around noon, I still hadn't heard from them, so I called...good thing, too. they hadn't checked their email. (noticing a pattern here) but, after bringing it to their attention, I was called, and informed that they had gotten approval. I asked what the terms were...he had no idea. I asked for the name and number of the finance company...had never heard f them, but, bad can it be? bad indeed. 24.99% Yup...dumped me into a "second chance" agency...didn't even bother to check anyone else. I really started to wonder at this point if they wanted my business. I asked the young lass (who actually was nice, and helpful) why I was looking at a payday loan interest rate. she explained that they are a second chance financier. I understand that, I said, but...look at my info. do I look like I am in need of a second chance loan? she agreed, and started to work on a more reasonable rate. Saturday rolled around, and we went there...To find the car had an all but flat left rear tire, 1/16th of a tank of gas (barely enough for a test drive)and door trim that still hung like curtains. My wife liked the car, but was also concerned about the silicone around a convertible back window. the owner assured me, that the top did not leak. I figured, let me check for leaks, and then I can go see the finance company..."they are closed Saturdays" he told me. Then, they went from being closed Saturdays, to open till noon (Nope...they are closed. tried to call them, to tell them to hold my application, I am coming to retrieve and destroy It) I took a garden hose, and squirted water around the back window. I would put the pressure on par with a light to moderate rain. it was coming straight from the hose, so it wasn't excessive. the top leaked like a sieve. there was about a gallon and a half of water coming in from a 2 minute hose application. in a hard rain, this vehicle would become an aquarium. Now, My day was about to get better. The owner came walking out, and I said "the roof leaks He shouted for his son to "refund the deposit...I'm sick of this Mustang...I'm outta here", and stormed off.. this is the OWNER...not the CUSTOMER...saying this! He threw a fit on par with a spoiled twelve year old. Not, my mechanic of 30 years , that has never missed a day (until today) can fix this I had just wasted two hours of travel time, a half a tank of gas, and was treated like a burden, start to finish... the son began to refund my negotiation, nope...the end. the boss then actually reentered the building, stating he had taken keys to a Suzuki, stormed back out Nothing like being treated like crap start to finish, huh? wasted, time gas and tolls on this. unprofessional beyond words.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.
Dealer Responses

We are very sorry to hear about a bad experience especially after driving an hour to see a vehicle. The car was listed at a wholesale price based off condition and we were not expecting such a fussy customer. We use two banks for financing and also finance in house for in-state customers, we also allow the customers to get approved through any bank that they would like. The convertible top never leaked until the customer sprayed pressurized water into the corners of the convertible top from an inch away. We have since reconditioned the car and reduced the price, and also offered the car to the customer at a heavily discounted price after he left a long, detailed, bad review. We allow all of our cars to be looked at by third party mechanics, we offer extended warranties, free carfax reports, financing options, and stand behind our cars. We are a 4th generation operated business, a family run business, we care about our cars and customers.

Probably wouldn't buy here

by Lou on Dec 26, 2015

Wanted to buy truck they did not offer any in-house financing told me to go to a different bank outside dealer to buy truck and would not guarantee inspection Dmv would not put it in writing The truck would pass New Jersey state inspection and when I put in writing they would fix it if it did not

Customer service 2.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.
Dealer Responses

Sorry for your unprofessional experience here at Park Avenue, we don't have in house financing set up just yet, we are simply just cash and carry or 3rd party bank finance. Inspection is always on the buyer since registration is required for inspection, for the right price we will always guarantee inspection.

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