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Carvana LLC in Tempe totally scammed me.

by CamHarvey on Sep 26, 2022

Carvana LLC in Tempe totally scammed me. Please be careful with them! They made a mistake on the title, dealer assignment on 11/25/19 and HAVE YET to fix it. They didn't write in the dealer number or notarize the signature for someone I never met named E Robles. The title was refused because of their mistakes and so I can't register it which means I can't drive the car I bought and payed for. The problem is CARVANA WILL NOT HELP ME. I've called Carvana Customer Service repeatedly and each Carvana representative was rude and couldn't care less. One guy told me to "pound sand". (What does that even mean?!) Another said they "will not try to help". The last Rep said they were the department who handles all escalations. He said I was wasting my time even trying. Since they won't help, I'm having to go through the process of reporting fraud. Been on the phone with the Sherriff's office and highway patrol. Hopefully they'll help. Don't use Carvana unless you want to pay a lawyer like I'll have too now.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

This was a great and interesting sales experience being

by Ethan on Sep 26, 2022

This was a great and interesting sales experience being 100% online. Upon pickup, my representative was very clear with going over the paperwork and the 7 day guarantee. We love our car and will be back for our 2nd vehicle.

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer.

I would give 5 stars if I didn’t have to deal with

by Deliveries4gina on Sep 26, 2022

I would give 5 stars if I didn’t have to deal with SilverRock, but because Carvana partners with them I had to deduct a star. SilverRock lacks urgency, is unprofessional and frustrating. The first full day of having my car it ended in the shop and there it sat for 9 days- for a flat tire and a damaged rim! Unacceptable!!! Carvana, you are better than SilverRock. I had a great experience with finding and purchasing my new car- SilverRock took that simple, easy enjoyable experience and ruined it causing unnecessary stress, chaos and much wasted time. You need to find a better partner- and my car STILL needs to go back to the shop. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 4.0 Does recommend this dealer.

Asking way too much for the car.

by rfeeley4410 on Sep 26, 2022

Asking way too much for the car. Robot online chat was horrible. Supposed to be easier than a traditional dealer, but not. If I could have talked to a person maybe we could have reached a deal.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.
Dealer Responses

We sincerely apologize that you did not have the stress-free experience we strive to provide every customer. We take your feedback very seriously and will ensure it is passed to the proper department. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate your account. Please reach out to us at (800) 333-4554 and our team would be happy to address your concerns.

The purchasing process was absolutely amazing and the

by Jeff Collins on Sep 26, 2022

The purchasing process was absolutely amazing and the only reason I didn't give 5 stars the the fact that the car had to have 2 new front tires (tires were separating), new front rotors (rotors were warped), and new front brake pads (metal on metal) had to be installed. I realize that the 100 day warranty doesn't include parts that wear out but to let the car go out for sale in that state is unacceptable. I bought this car for my son who just turned 16 and it wasn't safe. $660 later the car is operating as it should, I had it inspected (per the strong recommendation of my sales associate Ashley Parks.. she was beyond awesome), and it's good to go. I'd love to speak to someone about the state of the car at delivery.

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 3.0 Does recommend this dealer.

Transaction of vehicles occurred on 9/24/22.

by driffychris on Sep 24, 2022

Transaction of vehicles occurred on 9/24/22. Upon arrival my purchased 2016 Tiguan showed signs of wear and tear that were typical of most used cars, so I was not surprised to find unlisted scratches and nicks. However, upon closer inspection it became clear their "100 point inspection" had either outright ignored or somehow missed necessary fixes that were not reflected whatsoever in their advertisement. This has included most notably: - Missing optional installs that were advertised as present on the listing, including heavy duty VW Monster mats and trunk liner with matching CarGo blocks. - Torn bumper part that is coming off the front of the vehicle. (plastic fixture, not metal) - Broken AC fixtures (air blows but flow and direction is non-adjustable). The assumption that all of these parts be present and be in working order influenced my decision to purchase this vehicle, in good faith, through Carvana's online car-buying service. I recently contacted customer service about the first bullet of missing parts and I was told due to their nature as optional installs they are not covered under warranty. The bumper and fan issue is apparently being handled by SilverRock, but I have no idea whether or when these will be fixed. As of the day of purchase, to my knowledge, the vehicle is free of any major mechanical or cosmetic issues outside of the above. I am enjoying the car itself as it fits many of my needs, and the customer service up until this point has been responsive, albeit heavily scripted at times. I ideally would prefer to keep this car. However, I am ultimately disappointed by this example of Carvana's seemingly deceptive bait-and-switch-style business practices. This does not leave a good impression for me when it comes to the attention paid to other potential issues the car may have that have not been previously spotted by their inspection team. Until Carvana manages to remedy these issues I cannot recommend their car buying service. I'm leaving a two-star only because the buying and delivery process was relatively smooth and painless, and most reps I worked with were very pleasant and patient.

Customer service 4.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

Can't recommend Carvana enough.

by mgr3 on Sep 24, 2022

Can't recommend Carvana enough. Not a fan of dealing with car sales in person. Online staff was incredibly helpful through the paperwork / registration process. Car was exactly what I had hoped. Delivery person was also very friendly and helpful by walking through the specifics of the vehicle. My youngest daughter bought her car through Carvana in the summer and I'm recommending my older daughter do the same now that she is in the market.

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer.

We had previously sold a car to CARVANA and since that

by Mike M on Sep 24, 2022

We had previously sold a car to CARVANA and since that was a good experience, we decided to try trading our car and buying one from Carvana and that also has been a very smooth overall good experience. The quote for my car was instant and very fair, so we decided to then trade for a Jeep. The people that my wife talked to were all very friendly and answered all of our questions. It only took 8 days from my trade quote to very smooth delivery of the Jeep which came with a temp plate and registration so we could drive it. The actual registration and title arrived on the 8th day right after our 7-day trial period! My only suggestion is to have patience when calling and don't be shy about asking questions. We are very happy customers and can highly recommend using CARVANA for either selling or trading/buying your car! Thank you CARVANA!! Mike M.

Customer service 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer.

Had a horrible car buying experience.

by julia.warren on Sep 23, 2022

Had a horrible car buying experience. If you are like me, maybe you thought it would be so much nicer to cut out all the negatives that go with buying from a dealer in person. But turn back now and do not use this company. Car arrived with cosmetic repairs, title and registration process took an insanely long time and was incredibly inconvenient, and then about a month into owning the car it started having transmission problems. Now just 6 weeks after owning the car I had brought it to the dealership and it needs a new transmission. The warranty company will cover up to $400 in car rental, but the repairs aren't going to be complete until the second week of October. At every stage I asked Carvana to help fix issues, and at every stage of my concerns and compliaints their customer service essentially stonewalled me. I asked them to help cover the additional rental costs, given how soon after my ownership there has been a major mechanical failure, and just got quoted their policies. I essentially was begging the person to treat me like the individual human I am and not read from their response script, but was essentially being talked to like I was an anonymous bot. I don't go on the internet to complain about places, but I filed a BBB complaint and I'm here sharing my experience. It's not worth it! Maybe the dealerships aren't going to treat you any better, but at least you have actual humans to go talk to in person and local authorities to file complaints with. And customer service people have managers they can go get that you can escalate concerns to, whereas customer service through carvana you get the advocate and you cannot talk to anyone else - I asked. I read a lot of reviews with great experiences and I'm very happy for those people, but if you have issues trust me that you will face problems at every stage. Not worth it.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

Buying a car from Carvana was the worst thing I’ve done.

by Heathermschwartz777 on Sep 23, 2022

Buying a car from Carvana was the worst thing I’ve done. Make sure to read everything before you sign because they will change everything. They put my trade in value in as what I owed on the car giving me negative Equtity. I only caught it when they took $1700 out of my bank for the down payment they said I didn’t have. I was told they would fix it however 3 months later it’s still not fixed, my old car is still sitting with Carvana and not paid off (bringing my credit score way down as I now have missed payments). . Now today I can’t drive because I don’t have registration and they are in no rush to get me back on the road. Do not buy a car from Carvana

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.
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