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Money hungry associtation

by OCG on Jul 16, 2018

Went to buy a car for wife for birthday. Cadillac Joe got us a nice honda but repossed after a month for unknown reason. Lucky I wasnt home repo man would been in a rude awaken.

Customer service 2.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

CROOKS 15 miles & the motor blowed on a $13000 car

by Michael Davis on Jun 27, 2018

Buyers stay away. Went here for my sons first car. It was a joke from the moment we walked thru the door. Day one we were in the office half the day waiting for them to get financing. After coming back with rediculous interest rate we left & decided to go thru our credit union. Long story short we bought the car & 15 miles down the road the car started smoking. We took it to the closest mechanic and they suggested it needed a new motor. We then had a second opinion by a mutual mechanic per Mr. King and he also suggested we needed a new motor. We had the car towed to our own mechanic and he also agreed that we needed a new motor. We paid over $3000 for a refurbished motor. After driving the car for one day it starts smoking again. We take the car back to the mechanic. The end was burned completely off the spark plug. After the insurance claims looked at the motor they agreed to replace it but only this one time. So after putting motor number two in and driving the car home it still wasn’t running proplerly. We take the care back to the mechanic and was told the turbo was bad. $900 later and we have a new turbo. Received the car back this Monday and it’s still not running proplerly. We took the car to Hynduia and they suggested that the car maybe programmed and they have had this car in their shop numerous times. They were unable to get into the programming and was unable to help us out. Still no solution or Car that runs right.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Absolutely DO NOT recommend

by Concerned Parent on Jun 25, 2018

Thought we would give them benefit of the doubt. VERY bad idea from start to finish. Looking for a first car for our son and expressed concern for safety. “Cadillac” Joe was full of it and had zero concern for our son’s safety. Figured it was a good price for a car that might need minor work. Real mechanic said the thing was a death trap and a just a matter of time before something bad happened. From electrical to fuel system to exhaust, a ticking time bomb. Our fault for not being insistent on the CarFax that Joe conveniently couldn’t get a copy of. Car was in an accident that bent the frame. The “finance” guy got an attitude because it was close to closing time. Some of the staff couldn’t wait and opened up a couple bottles of beer on site. Few days later, found problems with the tag transfer. Also found that we weren’t alone as others were there for the same. All signs that we should have acted on, but didnt. Not a place of good faith. For your own sake and your family’s safety, avoid Beach Blvd Automotive.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Looking for a car

by Raymond on Jun 19, 2018

I had inquire about a car. Nobody answers phone or email or calls back. Guess they don’t want business. Would not recommend at all to anyone

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

WORST Expereance EVER!!!

by Beach BLVD SUCKS! on May 10, 2018

First off 25% interest rate and that is a fixed rate for all their customers!? I don't believe that! This place is a JOKE!! I put 1/2 of the price down (4K) on the vehicle and a month after driving it the engine light came on.. Took it to a few places for different opinions. Received all the same feed back. Took it back to Beach Bulvd for them to fix and they replaced parts that had no issue nor could they prove the parts they replaced were bad. NEVER addressed the main issue. Told me they reset the error code and that fixed it! SERIOUSLY! *****DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!***** Save yourself the time and money! BTW I am out 4K. I would not give this place another dime of my money!!!

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.


by carguy0987654 on Apr 26, 2018


Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

Finance flaws

by Paul on Apr 13, 2018

I was trying to re-establish credit for my step-daughter, but the only way they would finance me was if I co-signed. If I have to use my credit to finance, why would I pay their over inflated prices. You can't expect a customer to assume all the risk and to overpay due to the risk - not a good business model.

Customer service 3.0 Overall facilities 4.0 Overall experience 3.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

could have had a better exerience

by teresa craft on Apr 04, 2018

I could have had a better experience. But so far the car has been great just a few minor bumps in the road with tags.

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

I will never go back.

by teresa craft on Apr 04, 2018

Told the sales that i wanted to transfer my tag and he maeked it as new. Then it took over 7 hours just to get through a portion of the process then 2 hours waiting on my car. They threatened me that they would suspend my license and repossess my car if i refused the new tags at 366.85.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall facilities 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Sells car as one model but VIN proves otherwise

by Limaren on Mar 28, 2018

Contracted for what was listed as a Prius Five. Got the ?out the door? price and paid cash. When I went to finalize the paperwork, I let them know that according to Toyota, the VIN was for a Prius Four. A quick check of tire size, etc. confirmed this. We haggled a bit, and because I needed a car as.a.p., I agreed to buy it anyway with ALL costs & fees included. I was told the cost of the title transfer and that It was immediate. I again verified ALL costs were being paid that day. I checked with DMV & the title had been transferred. A little over a month later, I renewed my tags. THREE months later to the day, I receive an invoice for the tag transfer. What?!?! I called trying to offer the same payment I used for the car - my credit card - and they refused noting I might cancel the payment. Again, what?!?! It was good for $13,000, but not for $80.35?!?! So, now I have to buy envelopes and stamps and a money order. I DEFINITELY would not recommend anyone go there. They incorrectly identify their vehicles for higher mark-up and looking like a deal when you comparison shop, then they hit you up for fees supposedly taken care of during the final paperwork (my error, I did not read EVERYTHING with a magnifying glass and a lawyer present). All I can do at this point is warn others NOT to go there.

Customer service 3.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall facilities 3.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.
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