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Incredible to work with

by Brayden Hill on Mar 15, 2022

Phenomenal service, friendly staff , awesome finance managers, great experience all the way around! I Highly recommend these guys, sales people were knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. The process was also very quick, wasn’t sitting around waiting for hours like some dealerships.

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Quality of repair 5.0 Overall facilities 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Good job

by Jayden on Oct 09, 2021

I showed up looking for a Camry and they were able to provide me with options. Test drove a few and found the one I wanted. They put new batteries in all their cars and the one in the car i purchased was faulty. Luckily I had left my license there the day of purchase and I had to go back the next day.. when my battery started to smoke. They bought me a new battery and replaced it free of charge. My car runs great I can tell the oil was changed and they did a good job detailing.Keaton who sold me my car was super genuine which always feels better. Keaton does a good job. Thank you Keaton.

Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

The only thing that this used car dealer cares about is...

by tinkeringforsyth on Jun 26, 2021

The only thing that this used car dealer cares about is making the sale but they won't negotiate on the price of the car at all they will however promise in my case to fix the scratches on the car I bought from them and then I hear absolutely nothing radio silence call them go too the dealer talk to them they don't return my calls and say we will take care of it and nothing happens it's been over a month and I am still waiting so the talk a good game in person but no follow through very poor customer service if I had to do it again I would not buy a car from them will never use their dealership again my advice don't go here to buy a car

Customer service 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

Honest customer who purchased a 2017 WRX with 17,400...

by worldsbetweenlines on Jun 22, 2021

Honest customer who purchased a 2017 WRX with 17,400 miles. I wrote a previous review with 2 stars earlier with details outlining how I was sold a muffler delete, but in fact, was sold a WRX with absolutely no exhaust. To give credit where credit is due, Action Auto offered to pay for the install of a new exhaust, but not the exhaust itself. The car didn't pass emissions or safety at MMS (safety not required in Utah, but the document presented at the time of sale from Action Auto indicated it passed both safety and emissions which was clearly fraud both on the account that with window tint was illegal and, again, there was no exhaust.) My first review stopped there. As far as why I'm writing a second public review is to expand on additional costs I paid out of pocket to get the car in working order. 1: Sales sold me a muffler delete. This was a lie. Then argued with me that "how should they have known? Should they inspect every car for exhaust systems? - the answer is yes. Yes you should inspect each car and get them to a drivable state. 2: Boost control solenoid completely missing. Clearly they shouldn't sell a car with a turbo that wasn't road worthy. I purchased at the Orem location. Sales was great to work with, but after reading my 2 star review, I was texted by (what I assume) their customer support specialist. They wanted to know how to boost the 2 star rating. Upon request, I laid out the $800 exhaust I had to install, along with the service from Mark Miller Subaru to add the boost control solenoid, replace the exhaust manifold (this was a recall warranty under Subaru and not related to Action Auto), bolts missing from a previous modification, etc, all in all (with a Mark Miller friends and family discount $534.00). All in all I spent 1,354.00 to get the car to working order. While working with them to negotiate the out of pocket costs I incurred (1,354.00), like clockwork out of a playbook, my clutch blew out on in Parley's Canyon. Never having gone over 4500rpm and only owning the car for 7 driving days. Immediately I called sales and texted the customer support rep and asked what they were going to do? I was pretty pissed off and said I wanted out of the loan and was going to lawyer up. I was met with "let's not let this get to threats." Honestly, I purchased a 26k car, dropped in 1,354.00, gave a 2 star review, and while negotiating with you to get your public rating up, the clutch bows and the best you can do is, "hey, don't threaten us. You signed the 'bought as is' and how were we supposed to know it wasn't a muffler delete?" Well, here's the answer...either fully inspect all your cars, specifically WRX's or don't lie to the consumer and sell a lemon. I was patient and will eat the cost and have a credible dealership (MMS) fix the issues and move on. All in all, AVOID Action Auto. A complete disappointment and a lesson learned as to why used car dealerships get a bad rap.

Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer.

All around shady

by Shannon on May 12, 2021

Dealing with action auto has been nothing but a nightmare. My fiance and I purchased a volt over a month ago. It took weeks to even get a charger on it. Every time we called they would tell us they would call back and never did. We gave up on other issues we had with the screen. We were assured the oil was changed we took a look when we got home and it was definitely not changed. Our issues with them are not over. Now we are almost to the 45 day mark for the temporary registration and we still haven't received another temporary registration or license plates. We have contacted them multiple times and we are being ignored. We got one text saying we need to get emissions done. The idiots there should have looked at the paperwork first. Our vehicle is newer than 2016 and is not required. We let them know that and they just ignored us again. I strongly recommend going elsewhere to find a vehicle. After they get the sale they don't care about you.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 3.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Don't rely on them to call you

by Taylor on Apr 26, 2021

I was looking to purchase online since I am out of state, I got connected with a sales guy who was super chill and seemed to have wanted to work with me. He sent me videos doing a walk through of the truck I was looking to buy, VERY detailed. As anyone would do, I swung a shot at the price to see where we could negotiate, we ended up agreeing on a price. My problem isn't necessarily with the sales rep, it was that we were back and forth on the finance side trying to figure out how I was to go about purchasing online. Friends and family have purchased online before and said it was very simple, but somehow it was super complicated for this dealership to execute. They were needing me to fly up to sign, which I was unable to do within the next few weeks (hence looking online). However I was more than willing to have it shipped to me. After several conversations with the sales guy, I figured the end result would be me flying up, which is fine. I was told that the next steps was that finance would reach out to me to get the details figured out as well as to submit the deposit, but they never called! A little over 2 days later I got a call from the sales rep, I told him that no one called me, to which he apologized saying they were super swamped (understandable) but then continued to tell me that they had a guy there at the lot that was going to look at the truck. I was confused as I had made it clear days prior that I wanted to buy the truck and was waiting for them to get back to me so I could pay the deposit and figure out the logistics of everything else. He said he "didn't want to make the customer's experience a bad one" by telling him he had someone purchasing it, so he said he'd let them test drive the truck but would call me after. Turns out the guy bought the truck. I understand that no deposit was made prior, however that was on the finance guy for not calling me. Shame on me for relying on them to call me. understand by technicality no deposit was made so it was free game. Just messed up in my opinion that they could have called me even a day after I was told i'd get a call and I would have had locked it down. I lost out on the deal, things happens it's fine but my experience ended sour. However I recognize my review doesn't mean anything to them because they got the sale regardless, so it's no sweat on their back! Very frustrating.

Customer service 3.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 2.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did not purchase a vehicle.

Bought 2 cars with Zach, so great!

by Ashlyn Murie on Apr 09, 2021

Bought a car here with the help of Zach, SUCH a great guy. I just knew he was a genuine guy from the start and that he wanted to get me the car I wanted. I got a car, and then I ended up getting rear ended a couple months later and I knew who I wanted to buy my next car from, so I called him up and sure enough! He checks on me and asks how the car is running pretty often, I don’t feel like you find that many places!! Thanks a lot Zach. hopefully I don’t need another car soon, but I know who will be getting my business!

Customer service 5.0 Buying process 5.0 Overall experience 5.0 Does recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Do Not Buy from Action Auto!

by Buyer on Mar 28, 2021

We bought a used car from Action Auto in Orem. Five days after purchase we had a $2200 repair on items that they would have seen and negleted to advise us of and give full disclosure. They also told us they would repair certain items, but never did repair them or did such shotty work that our mechanic had to re-repair their work. They passed the car on an inspection when the blinkers did not work, nor did the windshield wiper pump work and those also needed repair. Those items alone should have prevented a pass on an inspection so it was passed fraudulently. If I could give 0 stars I would. Buyer beware when purchasing a car from a dealership with such low integrity and who will lie directly to your face.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Horrible Experience - Still Ongoing

by Jayden Judy Spendlove on Dec 16, 2020

If I could leave a 0 star review I would. Terrible experience from the beginning and still ongoing. Bought a car 6 months ago and got my registration back with the wrong name. Had to file to change it and found out it hadn't been transferred to my name because the previous owner and lien holder had not signed the title over to the dealership. Contacted the dealership title department and they said it was getting fixed that week. Several months later and the bank still doesn't have the title from them. I've reached out multiple times and the bank has called several times to try and get it resolved. Still no response or action taken...I will probably seek legal advice soon. Had $6,000 worth of repairs in the first two months and have gotten pulled over twice (the dealership registered it but didn't inform me it wasn't street legal). Hoping this gets resolved soon. It's been a nightmare and a half.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.

Buyer Beware

by Dale on Dec 09, 2020

After finding the vehicle we were looking for at Auction Auto in Orem, we made an appointment to make the 200 mile round trip to purchase the vehicle. Upon arriving, our “salesman” pretty much new nothing about our vehicle. The car passed the visual inspection (even though they left dog hair in the back seat) and the test drive, so we decided to make the purchase. We were also pressured to purchase their extended warranty, which I did not want, but ended up paying for anyway. We didn’t have the vehicle two weeks and the AC went out. Took it to our local Chevy dealer, only to find out the vehicle has been in a collision. To date the vehicle has spent about 2 weeks total in the shop AMS out great “bumper to bumper” extended warranty has covered ZERO percent of repairs. Action Auti has said there is nothing they can do because the car passed a third party inspection. To note, their quality third party inspector is Jiffy Lube. I’m sure they are the cheapest around and are not known for their top notch mechanics. Our experience has been a nightmare! From reading the reviews of many other unsatisfied customers, it sounds like our exact problem in not a one time situation. I would never buy a vehicle from these scam artists again and would strongly advise future buyers to read through other reviews and look elsewhere as well. I also believe most of their “good reviews” come from bribing people with a free tank of fuel.

Customer service 1.0 Buying process 1.0 Quality of repair 1.0 Overall experience 1.0 Does not recommend this dealer. Did purchase a vehicle.
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